Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Haramayn Rooms provide an option to the agents to search for hotel rooms and make bookings of different types of rooms available in Makkah and Madina hotels. Agents can make hotel rooms booking according to the requirements of their clients by specifying the check-in and checkout dates.

Scope of Services

All the terms and conditions are subject to the occasional changes and they apply to all the services which are directly and indirectly provided through the website, mobile devices, email or by telephone.

Through the use of our website, you need to confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy which include the use of services.

Services and Contract

  • When a booking is made, then a contract is made between the agent and site and agent can make the bookings done in the partner hotels signed up with Haramayn Rooms.
  • All the rooms available on Haramayn Rooms website are respective property of the hotels and agents need to wait for the status of the booking confirmation from the hotel. All the specific conditions related to any property are mentioned with it and users must read them carefully before going to opt for the booking.
  • Once a booking is made, then the information is sent to the concerned hotel for its accommodation. Haramayn Rooms rely on the information provided by the Hotels for their different accommodations and will not take any responsibility in case of any difference in the claims or the facilities being offered.
  • Agreement between Haramayn Rooms and Agents and Haramayn Rooms and Hotels will not be affected by any other agreement made by any party on its own.
  • Users (Agents, Hotel Managers and DMCs) cannot register multiple times. Each user is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of its personal information.
  • User is responsible for the confidentiality of the user account information particularly of the password. Each user must make sure that the confidential information must not be used by any third party.
  • In case of an unauthorized use of the services offered by Haramayn Rooms or if username or password is stolen, then the registered user must notify Haramayn Rooms Immediately.

Privacy and Email Advertisements

  • Haramayn Rooms give the highest priority to the protection of personal data of the users. Team of Haramayn Rooms makes all the possible efforts to ensure full compliance with the data protection.
  • Haramayn Rooms collects process and uses the personal data only for its own services and to facilitate the agents and hotels.
  • Haramayn Rooms send the confirmatory emails for Signup and booking confirmation. Other than these emails, Haramayn Rooms may send the information about the additional offers and discount deals offered by various hotels.

Prices and Payments

  • All the prices are mentioned in SAR. Hotel charge the prices for rooms in SAR and charges deduction from your credit card may subject to change in every case. Haramayn Rooms doesn’t take any responsibility for extra minor deductions based on your card or hotel policy.
  • Payment details are taken and saved in the system through secured Servers. Haramayn Rooms take the credit card number from Global Travel Agents and forward it to the Hotel Manager in order to guarantee the booking. Once the booking is confirmed, then Agents and their customers must abide the hotel cancellation policy in case of any change in the plan.
  • All the advance deposits, charges or additional fees must be clearly marked before confirming your booking. Additional charges may become non-refundable based on the hotel policy.

User Obligations

  • Hotels are responsible for all the content (text, photos, links and reviews etc.) they provide for their respective property to Haramayn Rooms. They must ensure that they have all rights to the content and do not violate the rights of any third party.
  • Hotels Managers and Agents guarantee that they will not use the services of Haramayn Rooms for:
    • Any negative advertising
    • Creating immoral or pornographic material or use information in any such case
    • Infringing upon rights of the third parties
    • Violating the applicable laws which comes under a criminal offense
    • Collecting or using the personal data from the users in case of commercial purposes.
  • All the users guarantee that they will not use the functions for generating automated page impressions or content.
  • In case of breach in terms and conditions, Haramayn Rooms reserve the right to remove any content without prior declaration of the reason, to withhold the payments, and to ban the members from Haramayn Rooms. Haramayn Rooms reserve the right to prosecute the criminal act.
  • It is the responsibility of Agents to ensure compliance with the immigration requirements for their customers. Haramayn Rooms is not responsible for late arrival of the guests or any sort of cancellation due to any reason.


Haramayn Rooms reserve the right to terminate the user access and delegate the registration within one week after the receipt of relevant information. User can also terminate own access and registration in the same period. Haramayn Rooms also has the right to terminate the access for limited time for any specific reason.


  • Haramayn Rooms is not liable for the quality, reliability, completeness or credibility of the content provided by the Agents or Hotel Manager. Team of Haramayn Rooms does not advice or prefers any hotel or agent as we are committed to provide 100 % transparent services.
  • All the arrangements need to be done by Hotel Manager or Agent. Haramayn Rooms does not take act as travel agency or organizer. Terms and conditions of respective hotel manager or agent have the right withdraw or cancel booking based on the booking criteria of each other.
  • Haramayn Rooms doesn’t verify the content accuracy and it is the responsibility of Agents or Hotel Manager to provide the right content to be displayed on the website.
  • All the hyperlinks, advertising offers and accommodations amenities are provided by Hotels and prices may subject to change from time to time. Team of Haramayn Rooms doesn’t guarantee accuracy of information update in real time especially in the case of prices and availability.
  • Haramayn Rooms does not hold any liability for the technical malfunctions which is not within the sphere of responsibility and also for the damages that occur due to force majeure. IT support team of Haramayn rooms may perform technical maintenance at any time and does not guarantee an uninterrupted data availability.

Changes in Terms and Conditions and Booking Offers

  • All the current terms and conditions apply while using Haramayn Rooms and may change from time to time. Registered users will be notified about through alerts or email.
  • All the offers and discounts offered by Hotels are on request and subject to the availability which may change at any time. All the offers are subject to the blackout dates which can be changed at any time. You need to confirm that the offer is still valid while confirming booking of your guests as an agent.

Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Laws of Saudi Arabia apply to the users of Haramayn Rooms. All the Agents and Hotel Managers must adhere to the laws of Saudi Arabia while working with the Haramayn Rooms website.