Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Haramayn Rooms is a website which is offering services to the hotels for booking their rooms through agents. Responsibility of handling the user information is of vital importance to Haramayn Rooms’ team.

Information Saving and Processing

Haramayn Rooms’ team may save the necessary information for improving the operations of the website based on the feedback from users. Haramayn Rooms make use of the collected information to keep the visitors informed of interesting offers and services offered by various hotels. All the information provided at the website is sole property of the website and no visitor can make use of this information without prior permission from the management of Haramayn Rooms. All the information related to various room types is given by the respective hotels and agents and customers must ask for any additional information from the hotel (if required).

Details at the Registration

  • Personal details provided during the registration like (Name, Address, Nationality, Place of Residence, Phone Number and E-mail Address etc.) are entered in the customer administration system of Haramayn Rooms.
  • Agents rooms team will keep the agents informed about the availability of their required rooms based on their search criteria. Our team will also match the details provided by the hotel and agents to match the preferences. Agents can contact the hotel management based on the details provided by the hotel management.
  • Haramayn Rooms’ team keeps informing the agents about the details of all the deals provided by various hotels. Whenever new rooms are offered by any hotel in Makkah and Madina, we inform every agent about them. Rooms which match to the preferences of any specific agent will be added to the listing on its personal page.

Haramayn Rooms’ team is responsible for the processing of the personal details provided by the users. Our team will make use of the details for execution of above explained correspondence in order to maintain contact with you. This is done for the purpose of carrying forward market research, setting profiles for the agents, partners and to inform all the stakeholders about new developments within the company. Company can make any change in this policy without prior information; however our team tries its best to convey information about any new policy, products, deals and services which are within the area of interest.