Agent Benefits

Benefits of Haramayn Rooms System

Haramayn Rooms is an easy to use centralized control system which helps you to succeed in your business with its agility and flexibility. Every aspect of the Haramayn Rooms system is designed to benefit the Global Travel Agents, local DMCs based in Jeddah, Makkah and Madina and the partner hotels in Makkah and hotels in Madina. The system lets the global agent find their respective hotel rooms in Makkah and Madina with live availability and best price.

Automate the Agent Searches

Experience an increased efficiency and reduced dependency on manpower with fully automated Haramayn Rooms System. There are no manual errors as all the critical operations are automated and manage real time processing. Your staff are free to dedicate their time to other relevant duties as room bookings can be managed by Haramayn Rooms system.

24/7 Availability to access from Anywhere at Anytime

Haramayn Rooms provides access to the agents and hotel partners. You just need an internet connection and login to the Haramayn Rooms system to enjoy the convenience of 24/7 accessibility.

Intuitive Interface

Haramayn Rooms is powered by an innovative front desk interface which acts as a single point dashboard for controlling various operations. Customization can be done according to the requirements of Global Travel Agents and hotel room requirements to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Everything is available for you to make your bookings easy.

Work seamlessly with different functions

Haramayn Rooms let you work seamlessly with different functions and make the bookings with perfection. Partner hotels can keep updating their offers along with the available options of rooms in the system.

Haramayn Rooms Go Mobile

Global Travel Agents can reserve the rooms on the go. Haramayn Rooms’ website is fully responsive and supports multiple devices. It let the agents make room reservations for their clients in Makkah and Madina hotels without having to sit in their office.

Increase Profitability

Partner hotels and DMCs need to set the room rates smartly by doing market analysis with the support of Haramayn Rooms’ team. Global Travel Agents from all around the world will make more and more bookings on good rates and all this will help to increase profitability of not only agents but partner hotels and DMCs as well.

Make Well Informed Decisions

Haramayn Rooms’ website lets the Global Travel Agents all around the world make informed decisions by looking at the various options available. They can make the best bookings for their customers in order to make them their loyal customers.