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By M. Cary, E. H. Warmington

A typical paintings on historical shuttle and discovery.

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These men, I should explain, were training in Cyzicus for the triumphal games which they were expecting to hold in celebration of Caesar's overthrow, and as soon as they became aware of vhat had taken place, they set out for Egypt to bear aid to their rulers. Many were their exploits against Amyntas in Galatia and many against the sons of Tarcondimotus in Cilicia, who had been their strongest friends but now in view of the changed had gone over to the other side were their exploits against Didius, who undertook to j)revent their passing through Syria nevertheless, they were unable to force their way through to Egypt.

5 Peir. , ('^' V, ; BOOK and by LI He would plunder the squander his own. property of others He showed compassion to many without cause and punished even more without justice. Consequently, though he rose from utter weakness to great power, and from the depths of poverty to great riches, he derived no profit from either circumstance, but after hoping to gain single-handed the empire of the Romans, he took his own life. Cleopatra was of inshe was satiable passion and insatiable avarice swayed often by laudable ambition, but often by overweening effrontery.

Some treasured ^ That is, articles of adornment to use as gifts, that she had not been able to die with Caesar. 37 ,^ ,^ ^^ , 8 ,^ , . , '^ ' ^ DIO'S ROMAN HISTORY ^ ifc 4 e6py(ao. , ', ]. ], )(. 6 '^ pyo ^ ypa- - yap , , ^ , ' ,,^ yap Xiyovai 2 iy ^ yva, , ^ - r^TToi/ Sl- 8 - . ' ^ - ^, ],, ' tlvl, ' * 3 - otl kyyxjTaTa, yap 6 ^ , \. , \}>1. ". Steph.. vSpeiai Oddey, tluI VM. VM. BOOK LI by these means slie might inspire was not her purpose to die, and so might be less elosely guarded and thus be able to destroy herself.

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