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By Daniel Odier

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Looking past doctrine, dogma, and philosophical treatises that forget about direct studies of the perform, Odier offers a right away route to the guts of the spiritual event that may be came across via meditation. starting with the straightforward and basic steps essential to arrange for meditation, Odier courses the reader throughout the specifics of the psychological disciplines and visualizations that Buddhist and Taoist masters have used for a while of their quest for illumination. To commit oneself to meditation, within the feel understood by means of Buddhists and Taoists, is to achieve the certainty of ways each fiber of our being converges with all construction. Meditation concepts of the Buddhist and Taoist Masters is a beneficial advisor to all who're looking for that cognizance.

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Then the vision of the Four Noble Truths is revealed to the Buddha. Next, the Buddha again goes through the Twelve Hindrances, the causes of suffering. Then, in accomplishing the inverse way, he shows the way of liberation. The way of total deliverance is now laid out. The Buddha enters into the deepest ecstasy. Illumination frees him from ever having to suffer or be reborn. The earth trembles twelve times, a breath penetrates the world and a light sets it aglow. At this precise moment, all evil actions cease.

They mark the entrance of the disciple into the field of Buddhism and constitute a kind of baptism. The refuge is a conscious act, a choice one makes after an examination of the doctrine; it is certainly neither a question of dogma nor of faith; it is simply an adherence to a method that the disciple thinks is capable of leading to liberation. Westerners, for whom the existence of precepts is often very bothersome, manage to give them a secondary importance. But in fact, they are the only logical base of every accomplishment.

Correct Action and Correct Way of Life Correct action is the abstention from every action that is not undertaken in an elevated way. As is true for speech, it is essential to realize in action the emptiness of the acting principle. Action disturbs the mind; it is empty. Correct way of life must be understood as a way of living that is in accord with spiritual research and that carries prejudice to no one. Correct Effort and Correct Will Correct effort and will consist in the most intensive determination to attain the state without suffering.

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