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Kazan became a pupil of Tani Bunch6 (1763-1840) and emerged as one of the leading painters of the time. He painted landscapes and stilllifes in the literati style but his best work was perhaps his portraits and realistic genre sketches. His collection of sketches made at the age of twentysix, Issohyakutaizu (Albums of Figures in Many Poses), shows him to be a master of the economical and suggestive stroke; the vividly portrayed subjects include lower-class samurai, stallkeepers, sedan-chair men, fortune-tellers, mendicant priests and prostitutes.

The most unforgettable parts of Memento are, however, those which describe the scene within the prison into which 'no sunlight fell' and through which 'no breeze blew': 'The heat was unbearable, the foul smell of the sick mingled with the various stenches of filth and uncleanliness. . People who were well one day collapsed and died the next .... ' Nevertheless 'they were calm when dying of sickness and did not groan when they were dragged out to be killed; they left smiling'. Choei writes that these men, trapped in the most wretched of conditions, were more like the warriors of the civil wars than were the feeble samurai of that prosperous and easy THE NATIONAL POLITY AND 'DUTCH STUDIES' 27 age.

The sea rises with the sound of spring waves. (Seigan heishu) Onuma Chinzan was a member of the Gyokuchi Ginsha group and Seigan's wife, Koran (1804-79), was herself a well-known poetess. Seigan was thus in contact with a wide range of poets. Of particular significance were his relationships with Rai San'y6 and Kashiwagi Jotei; the concern with royalist politics that distinguished some of Seigan's last works undoubtedly shows the influence of his friendship with San'y6, and the sensual tone of some of the poems that he wrote in his youth and maturity are reminiscent of Jotei's verse.

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